Published 24/03/2021 by Josh Tucker

About us

While competitions have been around for a very long time, they have taken on a new life with the growth of the reach of websites and social media. But how do you know which competition is actually a great offer in exchange for your personal details and which ones could be a scam?

Our website was created to help you win more competitions. We spend a lot of time searching the web and social media looking for new competitions, so you don't have to. When we find a new competition we review the boring stuff like terms and conditions and entry criteria, then only add and share the comps that we would enter ourselves.

So if you want one place to find all of the best competitions available in Australia, you are in the right place and you will join thousands of others that connect to the latest and greatest competitions available to Australians.

Whilst we do like to enter and run comps, we cannot guarantee any competition that you find on our website will not be a scam. But knowing we have reviewed it before putting it on our website should make it easier for you to make your own decisions to hand over your data.

Josh Tucker
Founder and Managing Director

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