Published 26/03/2021 by Georgia Parry

We’ve all entered a competition or two in our time, but have you ever won a competition? If the answer is no, there is actually a pretty simple reason for this: you’re not entering enough.

Entering competitions, or ‘comping’, can be one of the most rewarding hobbies that someone can pick up, and when we say ‘rewarding’, we mean it, check out to see a real-world example.

From holidays that are all-inclusive to cash prizes, to gift vouchers for technology, clothing, alcohol, cars, caravans and more—these are just some of the amazing prizes that are out there and available as we speak, let alone what will be available in the time to come. The best part about comping, however, is that most competitions are free to enter.

Comping does take work, and persistence is key, hence why we refer to it as a hobby and not just the odd case of goodluck. Part of the motivation behind Compaigns, was to engineer a way to tip the scales in the compers favour by delivering all the best competitions out there straight into their inboxes.

By signing up to receive Compaigns daily competition emails, you have already crossed off one of the tips we recommend for someone starting their new comping hobby, which is finding competitions that are trustworthy. Read why, and find more tips below:

  1. Enter competitions that are trustworthy

    This is an important part of comping, as it is both a waste of time and potentially dangerous to enter competitions that are not legitimate. The competitions that Compaigns share are vetted and verified, which takes a vast majority of the effort out of making sure the competitions that you enter are trustworthy, however we still advise always carefully reading what you're signing up for and be wary of clicking on random adverts that pop up.

  2. Be prepared
    When you take on comping as a hobby, you may find yourself entering at least a couple of competitions a day. This means you will have more emails coming in than you might be used to, so it can be a good idea to make a separate email just for comping. You also may be asked to share on social media accounts, but that is totally up to you (one entry is enough for us).
  3. Put in the hard yards
    Perhaps one of our most important suggestions; enter lots of competitions! As well as this, try to choose the comps that take a bit of effort to enter, as these are the not so popular ones, which gives you more chances of winning. Competitions that require a photo or video are great as most people won’t be bothered—so make sure your entry is creative and stands out! We also recommend reading the rules and entering correctly as well as making sure you know when the prize will be announced (you don’t want to miss a prize because you didn’t check your junk folder in your email).
  4. Make comping friends (one in particular)
    One of the best ways to find out about new competitions is by hearing about them from other people in the know, and it just so happens we know the perfect comping friend—Compaigns! When you sign up to join Compaigns you are signing up for daily emails that will inform you all about the best competitions out there, making comping that much easier. If you commit to entering a minimum of one a day, then you would have already probably entered more in one week than most people in will in a year!
  5. Enjoy your new-found hobby!
    If you enjoy comping and make it into a hobby, then the prizes are the icing on the cake. Try to keep a positive attitude, as that can be the difference between winning and losing. Most people who don’t believe they will win will only enter a couple of competitions and then give up, but if you stick with it and enjoy the process, you’ll find that you’ll come out of it as a winner!

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