Published 24/03/2021 by Josh Tucker

Our top ten tips for winning competitions

Thousands of prizes, worth millions of dollars, are given away every year in Australia; and now with the help of the Internet and a little guidance, it has never been easier to start claiming your share of that prize pool. 

Entering competitions in your spare time can be a very exciting and profitable activity, plus the added bonus of getting something for free has a certain appeal. 

As the old saying goes, you have to be in it to win it! However, entering competitions on the Internet can be daunting, so rest assured that you have found a free Australian competition website that lists only competitions that we would enter ourselves.

Here are a few of our top tips to help get you started. 

Top five tips to win Australian competitions

  1. Enter as many competitions as possible Entering 100 competitions, in theory, would increase your chances of winning a prize, rather than entering the same competition 100 times. The more competitions you enter over time, the greater your chance to win something. 
  2. Enter your correct details We suggest you always put your real details in when asked for contact information. How else can they contact you if you have won something?
  3. Setup a free email account for competitions Setting up an email account is free and relatively easy, however, if you do set up a separate email account for the competitions you enter, remember to check it regularly (see point 2). For better or worse you will get some promotional emails from entering competitions, so it might as well be to an email account you have set up especially for that purpose, rather than cluttering your personal one. 
  4. Enter competitions that fewer people enter Naturally competitions that have fewer people entering them will be easier to win. They’re generally more obscure competitions from less well-known brands or ones that require you to make a purchase, complete a survey or write a 'words or less' answer. 
  5. The more prizes on offer the better your chances Go for competitions that have many prizes on offer. If there are 100 prizes on offer, you have 100 chances to win a prize with the same amount of effort as entering a single pize competition.

Five Compaigns specific tips to win competitions

  1. Join our free daily Australian Competitions Newsletter If you haven’t already, register for our free daily Australian Competitions Newsletter. That way you will get some of the best competitions delivered straight to your email inbox.
  2. Use the Compaigns filter to hide the competitions you’ve entered To help keep track of which competitions you’ve entered use the filter to hide competitions that you have already entered (clicked through to) from our site or emails. This will easily show you which ones you haven't entered and show only the ones that you are still to enter.
  3. Read the terms & conditions of competitions carefully You don’t want to disqualify yourself because you entered a competition that is not available in your state. Once we know what state you are in, we will try to only show competitions available in your state. However, we still recommend you read the rules on the competition’s website, because we can’t guarantee all the information submitted is correct.
  4. Use Compaigns most popular competition sorting If time is something that keeps you from entering more competitions, you can always use our most popular competition sorting to decide which competitions you should enter. It regularly calculates the most popular competitions based on a range of factors, from the size of the prize pool, to clicks and entry dates, to constantly work out the most popular completions on our website.
  5. Share the knowledge If you know about a competition that isn’t listed on Compaigns, use the "Add a competition" page to send us the details about it. Also if you find a competition is listed incorrectly, let us know about it via the "contact us" page and it will be corrected as soon as possible.

Lastly, the most important rule is to have fun and enjoy the experience! If it starts to feel like work, take a few days off and come back to it later. There will always be more competitions waiting for you when you return.

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