Published 01/04/2021 by Georgia Parry

In March 2021 we ran a survey for our Compaigns members, which allowed us to get to know them better, as well as obtain some very interesting data on how our members do what they do best, enter and win Australia's best competitions.

Now, after diving into some of the answers that were provided through this survey, we had a sample of over 200 responses, we are able to give some insights and provide a look into the comping world that you may not have had before.

When asked "How long have you been regularly entering competitions" and most members have been regularly entering competitions for 10 years or more (29.6%), while 22% have been entering for one to three years and 32.3% for less than a year.

Four in five members spend less than 2 hours per week entering competitions (80.8%), and the most popular number of competitions entered per week was one to five (38.8%). The most common type of competition entered is games of chance (subscribe to win), with 79.8% of compers regularly entering these.

Perhaps the most insightful piece of data, however, was that 67% of Compaigns members have won a prize and when asked the last time they won a prize, 4 in every 10 members said they had won a prize in the last month (39.6%), with the second most common answer being in the last six months (24.6%).

Our members have won a range of fantastic prizes from their comping hobby, from a year of house cleaning to brand new car, but the most common prize that topped their favourite prize list were holidays. Some members described amazing holidays they had won including trips to the Maldives, Bora Bora, Disneyland and New Zealand, or experiences like an VIP Australian Open weekend or a European vacation with Craig Lowndes.

By analysing this compelling data, we were happy that our website and daily competitions newsletter is being used by both new and long-time compers to discover the amazing competitions on offer every day, and even happier to find out people are actually winning. 

We have discerned some of the top tips for comping based on our members shared experience!

  1. Just keep swimming
    Some members have been regularly entering competitions for 10 years or more—so keep going if you are just starting out! Prizes and fun await if you treat it like a hobby, not a chore and keep entering competitions that appeal to you.
  2. A little time goes a long way
    One to two hours a week is not long in the scheme of things, it can be achieved in only 10 mins a day. Even after one win, the time spent comping can very much be worth it.
  3. Feeling lucky? Cover all your bases
    Games of chance are definitely a crowd pleaser as they are quick and easy, however, this is insightful information that indicates another top tip—make sure to enter all types of competitions, not just the crowd favourite.
  4. Have fun
    After all, regular comping is one of the most interesting and rewarding (literally) hobbies that you can do for FREE from anywhere that you can access Compaigns!

We look forward to getting our members feedback again in the future and hopefully you can share your wins with us as well. If you would like to read more about our Compaigns member top tips to win competitions or for more in-depth tips on how to get started on making comping your new hobby.

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