Published 16/04/2021 by Georgia Parry

Comping is a fun hobby, however, there is always a possibility of both beginners and experienced compers making mistakes. We have laid out a few common mistakes below to help you avoid them.

  1. Not reading the rules
    It is important to read the rules of the competition, and if they’re not there, you should think twice before entering! On Compaigns, we only share competitions where the rules are included, and easy to find, so it is important to check them out and make sure you are abiding by them. If reading the rules prevents you from missing out on winning a major prize just because of a technicality, it may all be worth it!
  2. Not checking your entry is correct
    Entering competitions can entail more than just clicking a few buttons. For quite a few competitions, it means sharing images on your own social media accounts, sending in comments/stories/photos or even completing challenges or tasks. Make sure you know what is required and that you check you have done everything you’re supposed to before you enter.
  3. Opting in to receive more information than you want
    It is worth noting that you do not have to tick every box that you see when entering competitions! Specifically the box that asks if you would like to receive marketing information from the company (if you want marketing information then by all means, click away)—although we must caution against ticking any box that asks if they can pass your information on to a third party, as this will induce an influx of emails into your inbox. If you have accidentally signed onto a mailing list, you can always opt-out, as it is illegal for any Australian company to not supply an unsubscribe option.
  4. Forgetting to check emails and messages
    We can’t stress enough that checking your emails is an important part of comping! There are so many winners who don’t even realise they are winners because they think the email they have received is spam or they didn’t know they had received it. Also, make sure that all your social media accounts are still linked to functioning email addresses.
  5. Not putting in the effort where it counts
    This point goes over one of our tips that we suggested for people who are starting to make comping a hobby, which is that you should try to enter the competitions that take a bit of effort, and aren’t just one-click entries. These competitions have less people entering them which means you have a better chance of winning!
  6. Falling for scams
    As much as we suggest reading over the emails you receive, especially ones that might claim you have been successful in the competition, you must be vigilant in checking that the company and your ‘win’ is legitimate. To do this, make sure not to click on any links or give any more information until after you have called the phone number provided, Googled the company or the competition, or even Googled the winning message that they have sent you—there may be other complaints online indicating a scam.
  7. Entering every comp you come across
    This goes hand in hand with putting in the effort to enter competitions that aren’t just one-click entries. Consider what you want to put effort into entering, and also consider the prize. Would you really want it, or use it?
  8. Not enjoying it
    Remember, this is a hobby! When taken lightly and enjoyed, comping is something to do in your spare time that has the potential to win you some amazing prizes. Learning tips and tricks as you go or finding comping friends, such as Compaigns, is also a great part of the hobby.

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