Published 24/03/2021 by Josh Tucker

What information you can find in all the boring stuff

Whether you have entered thousands of comps or just one, did you take the time to review the terms and conditions before you entered it? If you are like most people, you probably did not read anything before entering.

Well if you use our website, you should know that we review and check the competition terms and conditions for each competition before we add them onto our website. But what exactly are we checking or looking for when we review T&C's.

Key things to review in competition Terms and Conditions

Promotion - Usually they will list the promotion name and the first thing is to make sure it sounds similar if not the same as the promotion that you are entering.

Promoter - The company that is promoting the competition and basic contact details like their office address.

Promotional period - When the promotion starts and ends.

Eligibility - What are the conditions to enter the competition, these may include age (entrants must be 18+), location (entrants must live in Australia), you must like our page on social media, keep a copy of the receipt if you had to buy a product to enter, etc, etc.

Total prize pool and winner - The promoter should state how many prizes they are giving away and what the total value of those prizes is worth at the time of setting up the competition.

Winner selection - How the promoter will choose the winner(s) of the competition. If there is some skill required, ie tell us in 25 words or less, they do not need to have any permits to promote the comp, but if the winner is randomly selected (game of chance), the promoter should have a license to run the competitions and these licenses vary state by state and by the prize draw amount.

Winner notification - Winners are typically required to accept a prize and to do that you need to be contactable, so make sure you check how they are going to let you know if you are the lucky winner. 

They also usually include a lot more legal jargon, such as the laws that apply to the competition being run and what they will do with the data that you provide.

All in all, if a competition promoter hasn't taken the time to do a valid terms and conditions, which should not take too long complete, we wouldn't recommend entering the competition.

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