Published 10/09/2021 by Josh Tucker

There are probably thousands of competitions or giveaways running at any one time, either online, via social media, in-store or at events. Entering may be as easy as providing an email address or write 25 words or less, whilst others ask you to purchase a qualifying product to enter. 

Because there are so many competitions running at any one time, competitions websites started gaining popularity in the early 2000's, as the competition entries started to move online. 

Competition websites don't run the competitions on the sites, they just collect and organise the current offerings and provide links through to the competitions, usually for a fee paid by the comper.

Compers love more competitions

Compers are people that regularly find and enter as many competitions as possible, giving them more chances to win prizes, because as the old saying goes you have to be in it to win it. Professional compers are people that make a living out of winning prizes and competitions.

Most other competition websites even go as far as charging their members a yearly fee to access all the competitions on their site and as such, they list a lot more competitions than we do because they want to provide value to their paying customers. For example, we normally have been 50-100 competitions listed at any one time, compared to the 300+ our competitions have listed most of the time.

The end result is that the competition site is not interested in which competitions are good for consumers and which ones are being run globally without the promoter knowing any rules for running a competition to Australian audiences, they are only concerned with adding more competitions than their competitors

It is up to their own members to decide which competitions to trust and enter, but because they are paying for access, they usually enter every competition they can. Other websites are playing the quantity over quality game and charging their users to access competitions that may just be an online scam to collect your personal details.

Why Compaigns is different

Competition websites don't run the competitions on the sites, they just collect and organise the current offerings and provide links through to the competitions. Compaigns is different because we focus on quality competitions, that have proper terms and conditions and privacy policies.

This means that a lot of regular and professional compers don't like our service, as they are not getting access to all the competitions available. But we are okay with that, we are happy knowing that our users spend less and 1 hour to enter between 3-5 competitions a week.

When it comes to making a choice of what competitions to enter, it makes sense to spend your time on those offering prizes that you actually want and know that you have entered a competition that is much more likely to be genuine.

From our experience and our members' feedback, entering competitions actually works. You may win a once-in-a-lifetime holiday but it's the little treats, like cinema tickets, gift vouchers and prize packs that make it all worthwhile. Hearing that our members are winning these prizes makes it all worthwhile and makes us continue offering a curated comping experience for free.

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