Published 24/03/2021 by Josh Tucker

You have to be in it to win it!

If you don't enter any online competitions, you won't be winning any prizes or giveaways. But you have probably found this page because you do want to win an online competition, so it goes without saying that "You have to be in it to win it".

Entering competitions can be a very exciting and profitable part-time hobby, with millions of dollars of prizes given away to Australian's every year. Now that most competitions are run online, it has never been easier to find and enter a few competitions whenever you have some spare time.

It only takes a few seconds or minutes to enter most competitions, a small investment that could win you an amazing prize, but it can be daunting to hand over your data without checking the terms and conditions and what they are going to do with your data.

Where do you find the best and most trusted competitions in Australia?

Some people may find it confusing to know which competitions are real and which are probably a scam, like a Facebook competition with no clear process to select a winner or when it will be draw.

There are a few keys things to know about competitions, if you are planning to enter multiple comps per year it is worth learning a few of the basics. For example, a game of chance (where a winner is picked at random) requires a permit for it to be run in Australia whereas a game of skill (tell us in 25 words) does not require a permit.

We have been running competitions for brands around the world for over a decade and we have built this website based on our own comping experiences. We will only share competitions that we would enter ourselves. 

Check our competition listings for the most popular comps available in Australia right now, and know that we have checked them all before we let them onto our website.

Now I know where to find the best competitions, how do I increase my chances to win them?

As mentioned above, there are two main types of competitions available in Australia, game of chance and game of skill. Both require slightly different techniques to win and both are achievable with a little bit of time

Game of chance competitions are easy to enter, requiring minimal investment from you, and you should enter all the competitions that you would like to win the prize. Most of these competitions are run to build a companies email database. Most of the time, you must be an active member to claim the prize, so do not unsubscribe, but maybe consider adding a filter to your emails, that sends or flags any emails with the words congratulations, winner, won, etc to your main email inbox.

Game of skill competitions are usually based on you having to enter more than just your email address, usually promoters ask you to answer the question in 25 words or less. These comps take extra effort or skill, which means less people enter into the competition. To help your entry stand out we recommend being witty, avoiding a sob story or personal information and including the brand name or praise for the brand.

If you're ready to start comping, check our competition listings or sign up to our daily competitions newsletter and get Australia's best competitions delivered to your inbox for FREE.

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