Published 09/08/2021 by Josh Tucker

Everyone who enters competitions regularly has been on their own rollercoaster ride of emotions. Maybe they started off winning a few smaller prizes, maybe a big prize and now they have not seen anything for a while. 

I know compers that have spent a whole workday trying to come up with the best possible answer possible for a game of skill competition, only to be disappointed when they don’t get that phone call or see their name listed as the winner on the winner announcement.

It happens to everybody, you enter a lot of competitions or even a specific comp that you desperately want to win, but you are not getting any winning email or calls, not even a $5 instant win voucher. 

How do you keep entering new competitions if you're thinking it's all too hard and maybe just not worth it. Before you make any rash decisions, here are few things to do when the going gets tough:

  1. Know why you are comping - Are you trying to win yourself a well deserved holiday? or just for the fun of it? Reconnect with why you started in the first place.
  2. Realise a prize drought is normal - It would be rather strange if you constantly won all the time out of everyone that enters.
  3. Someone has to win - At any one time there is usually over $1,000,000 in prizes up for grabs in Australia, and they will pick a winner for each prize from those that entered.
  4. Be happy for other winners - Get out of your own head and enjoy someone else’s win, even congratulate them, maybe they have just broken their own prize drought.
  5. Have a break - If you need some time to rest and refresh, take some time off comping and return when you are ready to start again.
  6. Boost your energy and creativity - Going for a walk boosts your energy and creativity, perfect for all those 25 words or less entries.
  7. Daydream - Have you ever thought about winning the lotto and then had a little daydream about it, got excited about how you would spend your newfound wealth and then bought a ticket. Daydream about the competitions you would love to win and you will get enthusiastic again.
  8. Keep calm and keep comping - If you do stop you won't have a chance to win any competitions or prizes, compared to the chance you have when you do.

It’s normal for all things to have their ups and downs, winning is no different. When things are not going to plan or you wish you had just won that car or holiday, remember your next win could be just around the corner and there will be more competitions to win in the future.

If you are in a prize drought, it’s important to not lose sight of the bigger picture and keep enjoying a hobby that offers the chance to win some amazing prizes. Good luck.

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